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We're so glad you found us and hope you have enjoyed browsing our website. Now let's pull back the curtain and let you get to know the people behind the brand london-kate. 

Meet the Creators

Shaun and Ashley Anderson are the creators of london-kate and also the parents of 6 children!  Now you beginning to see why they started a toy brand.  Shaun and Ashley wanted to create toys with a beautiful design and also stimulate imagination in children.  From raising their own children, Shaun and Ashley work hard to give their children an authentic childhood experience where they experience real world fun and entertainment rather than sticking them in front of a mobile device or video games.  Their desire is to help you as parents do the same and "bring fun to life"

Shaun Anderson Family

Meet the real london-kate

With the name london-kate, you might think we are a British company, actually we are a U.S. company, based in the great Rocky Mountain State of Idaho, near Yellowstone National Park.  When coming up with the brand name, Shaun and Ashley thought long and hard and then while driving, Ashley came up with the perfect name.  "Why don't we name the brand after our daughter London Kate?"  Perfect!  London Kate is the 3rd daughter in the family - a little fireball redhead.  As you can probably tell from her picture, she'll be ready to take over the family business when she turns 10

The Real london-kate

 Meet the Team

london-kate is much bigger than the Anderson family!  Shaun is an Amazon coach, meaning he coaches people how to build an Amazon and e-commerce business.  In the process of coaching people, Shaun had a desire to provide people with an amazing opportunity to build a successful e-commerce business by selling a world-class brand of products.  Working together, the london-kate team is eager to bring great products and excellent service to you and your family and know that when you purchase from london-kate you are helping an e-commerce entrepreneur live his or her dream. So thank you!

The london-kate Team

Thank you for visiting us! We hope that you will follow us on our facebook and instagram accounts so we can stay in touch. 

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